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The Yam Sailing Club, based in Tel Aviv, has a presence not only in Israel but also throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. Our club leads flotillas of yachts on leisure cruises in countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, and France. As part of our skipper training process, we also take roundtrip cruises from Israel to marianas in the Mediteranian to gain time at sea and approval for international voyages. In addition to training skippers, we specialize in competitive sailing and have a team of experienced sailors who compete in international competitions. We’ve developed unique connections and collaborations with sailing companies around the world, which allow us to host international experiences involving luxury yachts and sailing in exotic locations for affordable prices.


Our flotillas offer more than just an organized group of yachts sailing from place to place. Led by Roni Cohen, the owner of our sailing school and master of flotillas, our cruises in Greece, Italy, and Croatia  (to name a few) provide a luxurious and enjoyable experience for our guests. While staying on a yacht for a week, you can enjoy the best marinas in the world, moorings in exotic bays, and delicious food. Whether you join the flotilla as an individual or rent an entire yacht for your family and friends with one of our experienced skippers, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Our flotillas provide the ultimate definition of "the good life" on the water.

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Round Trip Cruises

Experience the beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean on a five-day international round trip adventure from Israel, visiting the island of Cyprus, known as the capital of sailing in the region. Our "floating hotel" will take you on a journey that typically includes 24 to 30 hours of island time, where you'll have the opportunity to explore its marinas and enjoy all the island has to offer, including delicious food and trips to the mountains. After three days of exploring the island, we'll set sail back to Israel, possibly even with some fresh tuna fish in tow. And for those seeking an extended voyage, the Sailing Club also offers flotilla cruises to the Greek Islands and Turkey.

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International Events and Competitions

The Yam Sailing Club boasts a competitive Racing Team that regularly trains and competes in Israel and international competitions under the guidance of Gal Cohen, a former European champion in the 470 olympic model. Some of the team's notable achievements include participating in the RHODES CUP, the European Yachting Championship, and the Cyprus-Israel regatta. In 2022, the team had the opportunity to sail on a unique, high-speed yacht and set new speed and enjoyment records. If you're looking for a thrilling sailing experience, consider joining the Yam Sailing Racing Team.

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Yacht Rental Abroad

Over the last 20+ years, Yam Sailing has established strong partnerships with sailors and sailing organizations globally, particularly in Greece and Italy. These collaborations allow us to offer a range of yacht rental options throughout the Mediterranean at competitive prices. If you hold an international skipper's license and feel confident in your sailing abilities, we welcome you to contact us and we'll assist you in finding the perfect yacht for your independent sailing adventure, so you can focus on the important details, such as deciding who to invite and which bays to visit, instead of worrying about sourcing the yacht.

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