ים סיילינג סקול, מרינת תל אביב



Yam Sailing is the leading sailing school and club in Israel, operating from the Tel Aviv Marina. The school was founded in 1998 by Roni Cohen, a veteran and professional sailor who made sailing studies his life's work. Yam Sailing is a boutique club with a proven teaching method that emphasizes hours at sea, practical study, uncompromising professionalism and personal attention. It is taught by the best sailors and people. Over the years, the school has trained thousands of skilled skippers who continue to sail in Israel and abroad. The relationship with the school does not end with receiving the skipper's license. Our graduates continue to meet as part of organized flotilla cruises for leisure purposes throughout the Mediterranean, educational cruises from Israel to Cyprus that also provide "sea hours" for the purpose of obtaining an international license. It is also a self-drive yacht rental club and in addition, Yam Sailing has a professional competitive team consisting of students and graduates of the school and proudly representing us in international competitions.

חרטום יאכטה
ים סיילינג סקול, מרינת תל אביב

The leading sailing school operating from Tel Aviv Marina

Our Story

Today, Tel Aviv is known for being a vibrant city on the Meditranian Sea. This city was not always this way, its planners established it "with their back to the sea" and it wasn't until the 1970s that the development of the coastline began. Roni Cohen, the founder of the school, was captivated by the charms of the Tel Aviv sea even as a child. He used to travel alone on buses from the ultra-orthodox city of Bnei Brak to the sea and practice sailing, surfing, and Olympic kayaking. He witnessed with excitement the construction of the Tel Aviv Marina. It was only natural for him to continue his military service in the Navy and after that to sail on ships in Israel and around the world. Roni was among the first owners of a sailing yacht in Israel. In 1998 Roni decided to turn his love for the sea and the vast knowledge he had accumulated into a career and founded, together with his partner and wife Lea, Yam Sailing. Since then, Roni has had the opportunity to share his love and knowledge of the sea with many others and train thousands of professional skippers.

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Roni Cohen

Founder, Senior Sailing Instructor

Roni, one of the senior sailors and most experienced sailing instructors in Israel, is a seasoned seaman with a wealth of sailing experience. As a founder of the sailing industry in the country, his knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. He continues to promote sailing on a daily basis as an entrepreneur, thinker, dreamer, and implementer. Roni is the captain of Yam Sailing School, since he founded it in 1998. Roni is a navy graduate, a commercial skipper and holds license number 7 (captain of a passenger ship up to 220 passengers). When not at sea, he is a theory instructor and skateboarder on land. On the sea, he is a sailing guide, commentator, and surfer.

Lea Cohen

Founder, General Manager

Lea is at the helm of Yam sailing. She expertly manages Yam Sailing from shore and manages the procedures of the Ministry of Transport. On a daily basis, Lea manages the operations of all of Yam Sailing Services.
At sea: She is an experienced skipper and a talented helmsman who led the Yam Sailing team to many victories in sailing competitions. Lea contracted the sea bug from Roni and left her career in accounting in favor of managing the school and leading long cruises in the Mediterranean. She previously served as the coordinator of the Optimist model, was a board member of the Israeli Sailing Association, and worked extensively to promote sailing in Israel among children.

Gal Cohen

Senior Sailing Instructor, projects manager

Gal was born into a family of sailors and began his sailing career at the young age of 5, starting with Optimist model boats. By the time he was 17, he had already become the European Youth Champion in the Olympic 470 model. Gal spends more time at sea than on land, serving as a guide, surfer, and the centerpiece of Yam Sailing's competitive team. His hobbies include sails adjusment, observing wind direction, measuring wave height, and enjoying life. On land, he is a psychology and management student at Tel Aviv University and also works as a theory instructor.

Benny Pepe

Practical Sailing instructor

Benny is a junior instructor with the experience of a veteran. He hails from Ashdod and, as a graduate of the 'Ort Yami Ashdod' school, he has gained a wealth of experience over the years and specialized in sailing and Yachts repair. He is a sailing instructor and maintenance worker at the 'Yam Sailing' club. Benny spends most of his days instructing practical lessons at sea, and when he's not on the water, you can find him working on the engines of the ships. On land, he is always on his way to the sea.

Naphi (Naphatali) Shavit

senior mechanics instructor & practical sailing instructor

As the chief machine officer and a die-hard lover of the sea, Nephi cultivated his love for the ocean during his days as a student at the maritime school in Makmoret. He later served in Navy ships, and since then, has worked in a wide variety of marine jobs, mainly technical, including diving jobs, vessel maintenance, and mooring maintenance. In the sailing school, Naphi is responsible for studying mechanics and serves as a practical sailing instructor. In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, free diving, sailing, and fishing. Does a fisherman like fish? The answer is absolutely yes for Naphi.

אבנר אבידן

מדריך תיאוריית שייט

עד להתפרצות הקורונה אבנר היה הייטקיסט שעבד מסביב לעולם: אוסטרליה, אנטיגוואה, גיברלטר וישראל ויזם בתחום הפודטק. הקורונה גרמה לו לחשב מסלול מחדש ולעשות מהפך מפרשים מבוקר. אבנר הצטרף למשפחת ים סיילינג. כיום הוא מעביר שיעורי תיאוריה בכיתה, הכשרות לסקיפרים/ות ופלוטילות בחו"ל.
הנושא אהוב ללימוד : ניווט חופי.
יעד אהוב לשייט: איטליה.

ועל החוף: אבנר נהנה מאימוני כושר, ניגון בפסנתר ושירה במקלחת.

Dr. Arnon Aharon

מדריך קורס רדיו ו ASA

Dr. Arnon Aharon is a native of Tel Aviv, a doctor by profession, and a sailor by heart. He holds a commercial skipper license and is an instructor for GMDSS radio courses. Arnon was captivated by the charms of the sea even in his days as a surfer and at the Maritime Education Center in Tel Aviv. As one of the first graduates of Yam Sailing, Arnon has become an integral part of the school and delivers radio courses that are considered the best in the industry. On land, he is an entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology.

ליאל בנווניסתי

מנהלת משרד וקשרי לקוחות

אמרתם ים - אמרתם ליאל. המנוע של בית הספר והפרופלור של הספינה. ילדת מושב חופשיה ומלאת אנרגיה שגדלה בבית ספר ים. מניקיון ספינות כעבודה זמנית למנהלת משרד וקשרי לקוחות.

רל״שית לשעבר בצבא, לומדת לקראת רישיון הסקיפר וכשיש לה רגע פנוי, חפשו אותה בין הגולשים.

מאי עזרא

פיתוח עסקי ומדיה

מאי עזרא, תל אביבית מקורית. קיימת 24 שנים, מתוכן 12 בים. גולשת על הגלים ומבלה עם חברים. מאי העבירה את רוב שנות נעוריה במועדון גלישה ואף ניהלה אותו. לאחר שסיימה קורס סקיפרים בהצטיינות,
הצטרפה לצוות ים סיילינג ואף שוקלת להוסיף ״קפטן״ בתור שם אמצעי. ביבשה היא סטודנטית למערכות

עד כמה מאי נאמנה למקום עבודתה? היא קעקעה את אחת הסירות של ים סיילינג.

About the Boats

At Yam Sailing, we take pride in our top-of-the-line fleet of boats, fully equipped to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water. Our sailing yachts feature an advanced audio system, a fully equipped kitchen, and the option to relax in the shade or soak up the sun on deck. We also have toilets on board for your convenience. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, we offer a speedboat guided by a skilled skipper and sailing guide from our team. But if you're looking to learn the ropes, our teaching yachts are fully manual racing yachts, allowing students to master the art of sailing like a "Ferrari" on the water. With Yam Sailing, you can expect a smooth and unforgettable voyage every time.

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