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Yam Sailing is the premier sailing school and club in Israel. Operated from Tel Aviv marina, the school was founded by Roni Cohen in 1996. Roni is a professional and experienced sailor who has made sailing studies his life's work. Today, Yam Sailing is a family business on a mission to create a community of real sailors in the heart of Tel Aviv. Yam Sailing is a boutique and professional organization that is a school, club, and yacht charter provider. The school offers a proven study system that combines frequent sailing hours, practical study, and personal attention to train the best skippers in the world. The club provides a community and credit based system for skippers to self charter yachts. As a Yacht Charter Provider, Yam Sailing will do all the work for you, providing the yacht and professional skipper, enabling everyone to enjoy life on the water. Once a sea lover joins Yam Sailing, they become part of the family.

The Sailing School

Yam Sailing is a sailing school that specializes in nautical studies and interpretation. Led by Roni, the school's instructor staff trains students to sail different types of yachts in varying weather conditions through a combination of professional instruction and ample hours spent at sea. The school encourages its students to go out to sea from the very first day they register for the course, believing in the principle that "sailing is learned at sea." The faculty of instructors at the school is a unique combination of experts from various sailing fields, producing the most professional faculty in the country.

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The Sailing Club

Now that you have your skipper's license, the Yam Sailing Club invites you to join our community of skippers who are interested in furthering their sailing education in Israel and abroad. All of our club activities can be purchased with credits and scheduled within our app. As a member of the club, you can enhance your skills and knowledge, connect with other skippers, and enjoy bareboating from our diverse boat fleet. In addition to bareboating, the club offers seminars, professional sailing sessions, advanced instruction, and weekly club sailings with beer. For those seeking an extra challenge, the club's Racing Team competes in regattas in Israel and Europe and has earned numerous awards. Join us and take your sailing to the next level.

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Yacht Charter Provider

If you're not interested in getting a skipper's license, no problem! Our community of top-notch skippers would be happy to sail the boat for you or with you along the breathtaking Tel Aviv coastline. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion like a bachelor party, marriage proposal, birthday, or simply want to enjoy Tel Aviv from the sea, Yam Sailing has got you covered. We'll provide you with an experienced skipper and a luxurious yacht equipped with three cabins, a deck, a fully equipped kitchen, and a stereo system. As you sail, you'll feel the wind on the sails and the hum of the sailboat surfing the waves, giving you a unique perspective on the city. And if the weather allows, you might even have the chance to jump into the water and possibly spot dolphins in their natural habitat. Trust us, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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International Experiences

In addition to its activities within Israel, the Yam Sailing Club also offers a variety of sailing experiences throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. Our flotillas or sailing retreats are open to everybody. The flotillas take place all over the Mediterranean and are expertly planned to balance sailing, exploring marina towns, and relaxing at sea. Our roundtrip cruises are international sails that have a greater focus on sailing technique, a great opportunity for new skippers, as well as students, to gain experience, face the challenges of the sea. An added bonus to these incredible experiences at sea is that both the floatillas and roundtrip cruises count towards obtaining an international license. The club also has a professional racing team, made up of both students and graduates, that represents us proudly in international regattas.

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